DM Tools

January 2019 - May 2019
Image showing DM Tools

Project Type

University Project

Software Used

Electron, Docker, Travis CI, ZenHub, and CodeCov

Languages Used

JavaScript and TypeScript

Primary Role(s)

Frontend Developer, Scrum Master, DevOps Specialist


Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) has maintained a vibrant community of enthusiasts for over 45 years, but many aspects of the gameplay are hindered by dependence on traditional pen and paper usage. The goal of our DM Tools product is to enhance the experience of in-person D&D games by providing a centralized means for the Dungeon Master (DM) to generate, organize, and manage the complex interactions of details needed for gameplay.

The DM’s role of directing and monitoring gameplay is an astronomical burden that’s a critical impediment to successful gameplay. In conventional gameplay, DMs must generate and navigate through dozens to hundreds of pages of custom generated content while also narrating the story. Our product addresses a critical need for easing this burden by providing a centralized means of organizing and generating details for gameplay. Our tool’s focus on improving DMs’ performances complements other electronic applications focused on enhancing the players’ experiences, such as Roll20, and providing DMs a database, like D&D Beyond does. To ensure the accuracy and quality of our product, we introduced cross-platform prototypes developed using Agile methodologies and Electron to stakeholders (local D&D players) every other week for acceptance testing and user story creation.

DMs using DM Tools can easily generate and track details of their campaign encounters, view a creature's information and conditions, and manage turn order in a single location. DM Tools is helping the D&D community leverage modern electronic information management strategies to enhance enjoyment of the game.