Heather Ann Kemp

Software Developer and Data Scientist

Unviersity of Iowa, Master in Computer Science

Hello! My name is Heather Kemp. I am currently a 1st year Master's student studying Computer Science at the University of Iowa. As a developer, my main interests are strongly rooted in software development and big data analytics. I thrive to make applications that ease the burden of daily tasks both inside and outside of the workplace. Aside from my work with Computer Science, my other interests include create digital art, writing, hiking, and playing video games.


University of Iowa
201A Maclean Hall (MLH)
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419

Current Work

Teaching Assistant: CS3330 Algorithms

Interactive Learning Environment Research Under Sheila Barron

Software and Data Assistant at the Pomerantz Career Center

ACM University of Iowa Student Chapter Vice President

Women in Computing Sciences (WICS) President